About Us

Formally Informal Clothing

What is Busbee McQuade?

A combination of the designers’ mothers’ maiden names, Busbee McQuade sets out to make the most comfortable clothing that thrives in any occasion, for a feel you will never want to take off. Its products look to encapsulate those endless days into those endless nights, all in the same outfit. Whether you’re at the beach, pool, breaking a sweat, or simply going out for the night, we want you to look and feel your best without having to think about it. A SoCal sentiment by way of LA, Busbee McQuade champions versatility in style and comfort, so you can be Formally Informal.

Made in LA

Busbee McQuade is a Los Angeles design brand focused on sourcing quality cotton materials for handmade craftsmanship, all in Southern California. Inspired by a desire to create purposeful, unique garments, Busbee McQuade prides itself in working with supremely skilled, local manufacturers.